How to repair hole in a Fiberglass Tub?

tub repair

I have a 2" hole in the side of my fiberglass tub. (My son slipped and his heel went through – but he’s okay!) Is there any way I can repair this myself? I have no access to the underside and the hole is partially pushed in so I see the dark recess below. It looks similar to a car’s bumper when it’s been hit in the corner and cracked open with hairline cracks coming from the edges. I’ve called a couple of repairmen and the repair price is beginning at 0 (so that means its probably going to be much more.) Is there anyway I could do this myself?

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  • amistere4u:

    Here is an easy way to do it.
    1.Cut a round piece of uncorregated cardboard larger than the hole.
    2.Put a piece of thread through a hole poked in the middle of the cardboard.
    3. Force the cardboard through the hole.
    4. Take some epoxy and get the cardboard good and covered and then use the string to hold it in place until dry. Epoxy dries quickly.
    5. After it is dry verify the carboard is stuck good, and then cut the string and poke whatever is left back through the hole.
    6. If you are lucky enough that this hole is on the floor of the tub, mix up more epoxy and fill the hole. It will float out smooth on top. If not you can use a piece of clear packing tape over the hole and then fill behind the tape in the hole til full. Stick the top down and wait.
    7. Use a piece of fine sandpaper to sand the epoxy smooth.
    8. Get some appliance epoxy paint of the same color of your tub. The type that looks like a nail polish bottle.

    Epoxy $6
    Appliance Paint $4
    Watching your son take a bath priceless. :)

    A fiberglass kit is just fiberglass and epoxy. Since you can’t get to the back the fiberglass is useless. You won’t be able to step on it, but you couldn’t even with the fiberglass kit. Either fix will be temporary at best. Plan to replace that enclosure in the near future.

  • sensible_man:

    You can patch it, but matching the color will be difficult. Go to an Auto parts store and pick up a fiberglass repair kit. Follow the directions on the kit. Good luck.

  • cdpaso:

    Lowe’s sells a repair kit. For less than 300 dollars, but sounded complicated. I found a local guy to fix it for 75. Also, you might try calling a plumbing sales company. Sometimes they know good ole guys that need extra money on the side.

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